Workshops for Kids

Book in exciting Workshops for Kids. A wide variety of fun art and craft activities by Cool 4 Kids. Perfect for market and show day events. Superb school holiday activities and great ideas for vacation care. Educational and fulfilling tasks for all ages.

A huge range of skills for children to learn. Firstly cutting with scissors. Followed by drawing, designing and colouring in. Also included is painting, paper folding and decorating. Lastly craft and construction work. Here is a list of the creative and inspiring options you can choose from. These are Cool 4 Kids Workshops for Kids!

Sand Art Workshops for Children

From a blank design children peel away different layers. They scoop and poor on different coloured sand. This sticks to the design. Sprinkling continues until all spaces are covered. In the end, a masterpiece is created. Best suited for children aged 4 years to 13 years of age. Older children love to let their imagination run wild!

Origami and Mask Making Ideas

Learn how to fold square paper into beautiful shapes. Plus get creative and design your own mask. This develops eye hand co-ordination.  Refines fine motor skills and concentration. Teaches sequencing skills. Builds memory and patience.


Lantern Making and Bubble Painting  Workshops

Every child is an artist! Design magnificent lanterns to hang at home. Try making stunning imprint patterns too! Have fun while blowing mountains of coloured bubbles.

Edible Art Children’s Workshop

Workshops for Kids

A  nutritiously fun and healthy food workshop. Create, shape and mold funky 2-D and 3-D models using fruit and vegetables. YUM!

Decorating Wooden Magnets – Children’s Workshop

Free your mind! Make your own magnet. Use colour to transform wooden shapes into unique masterpieces. Perfect for proudly displaying every child’s handiwork.

Making Musical Instruments Workshop

From every day recyclable materials children create home-made musical instruments such as shakers, drums, guitars and rhythm sticks.  We finish of with using our homemade instruments to stage a live performance.

Workshops for Kids

Balloon Sculpting Workshop

Learn the art of balloon sculpting. Prepare yourself to bend, twist and shape balloons into adorable creations. In the end you could master making shapes like a sword, dog, giraffe, snake and flower.

Wrap It Up Workshops

Get all wrapped up in preparing and creating healthy wraps. Help to tidy up afterwards is compulsory. Nothing beats eating your own home made recipes. Healthy as!

Song Writing Workshops

Use words and create sentences to build a ‘Chorus’ – the main part of a song. Workshops for Kids Rhythms, rhymes and patterns are explored. From this, melody lines are formed. ‘Verses’ are created to help bring further meaning to the song.  Finish off by joining in a live performance.

Christmas Decorations Workshop

Let’s get crafty! Make lovely gifts for others. Build paddle pop Christmas trees. Design 3-D paper ornaments. How about a fun reindeer mask? Christmas gift box construction is cool. Create your own Santa masks too.

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton