Wash Our Hands Hand washing songs for kids will help to stop the spread of coronavirus! First of all let’s help educate our young children. Show them how to wash their hands. Furthermore use this as a teaching resource. Start in child care centres. Especially in preschools. In a similar fashion sing it in kindergartens. Certainly primary school children need to hear it. Also perfect for homeschooling. Sing it to babies and toddlers. Probably preschoolers and primary school-aged children can learn it off by heart. Finally, in the event that schools are shut down, parents and care givers can use this at home.

Why not upload a video of your own child singing these hand washing songs for kids? Let’s spread the message wide and clear. Across the world because everyone needs to hear. Help everyone put an end to coronavirus!

Wash Our Hands – Song for older children!

Let’s stay healthy and

Wash our hands

Rub the soap in

Keep it going

Under and over

Scrub them with water

Inside, outside, in between

You know what I mean

Let’s wash our hands! Yeah!

Wash your hands everybody

Rub the Soap in – for babies and preschool aged children!

Rub the soap in

To your hands

Under the water

Wash your hands – yeah!

Playgroup at Home – Hand Washing Songs!

Hand Washing Songs

Hand Washing Songs

Tuesdays with Tony – Playgroup at Home! Featuring Hand Washing Songs for Kids!

As a result of current restrictions, Playgroup SA has created – Playgroup at Home! Rather than missing out on playgroup sessions tune in every day at 10:30 am (South Australian time). Similarly in the Eastern States at 11:00 am. Therefore in Western Australia it will be 8:00 am.

These will be live streamed at those times. However you are able to watch these in your own time. They will remain on the page afterwards. Initially, you will need to JOIN PLAYGROUP AT HOME HERE!

First of all the team will have story reading. Furthermore there will be lots of action songs. Finally join in the many engaging activities. On Tuesday’s, Tony from Cool 4 Kids will host this program.

For that reason, there will be a music and movement session with live guitar playing. Also singing along with many action and movement songs. Together with puppetry and then some musical instrument play. Afterwards some bubble fun.

In addition, hand washing songs plus other important and current themed activities. Occasionally there will even be very special guests!

You can view the first episode – Tuesday, 24th of March HERE!

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