Children on stage Ipswich Show

I have been working at the Ipswich Show for six years. A family friendly show with non-stop action for all ages. Greeting people at the main entry gates is one of my roles. I welcome them and offer to twist a balloon for the children. They are happy as I remind them of some of the fun kids shows that are on during the day. If they are leaving I wish them a lovely day and make them a balloon as well.

Ipswich Show – so much free family entertainment!

Free kid’s shows are offered during the day. Parents and carers can put their feet up and the children can join in the fun. The Ipswich Show has so many free things for you to do all day long! During my Cool 4 Kids music shows the children sing, dance, play musical instruments and catch bubbles. They love to sing and talk in the microphone and want to assist on stage. There are puppets to play with and scarves to catch. All songs get the kids up an about. It brings lots of smiles to everyone’s faces.

At the end of each day I present an art and craft session. After a big day of walking around the show grounds it is nice to sit and make. The children love to colour, decorate and use stamps. Then there is always cutting and sticky taping too. Finally, adding ribbon, feathers and stickers helps complete their art.

Children singing Ipswich Show Around the grounds, there is more free fun to be had at the petting zoo and honey tasting area. You can also listen to talks about reptiles or take a free ride on the mini train. Then there are so many areas that have animals you can see up close. The cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and more.

Inside the show halls there are many more things to see and do. Try tasting the fudge, Krispy Kreme donuts, lolly strips and more. If you like what you taste you can always buy and take some home. There are many art entries and cooking entrees. The judges are kept busy with all of the animal entries too!

There are so many rides and games to try at the Ipswich Show. Firstly you can try the ferris wheel, dodgem cars and the camel rides! After you can try your luck at the many game areas. There’s the laughing clowns, fish magnet game and basket throw. In the end I saw lots of people walk away with some big prizes.

Parachute Play Ipswich Show When it comes to food there is always so much to choose from. Corn on a stick, dagwood dogs, fairy floss and chiko rolls are just the start. The main arena always hosts non-stop free entertainment. Beginning with the horse jumps, motor cross, monster trucks and fireworks. Other arenas have sheep dogs and there is even an outdoor stage with music all day long..

Performing in Queensland – a Cool 4 Kids experience!

I have performed in Queensland for over ten years. Firstly a school fete in Kilcoy. After an anniversary event in Toogoolawah. Then there have been hundreds of performances at child care centres, kindergartens, day care and play groups. From the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. From Brisbane, Ipswich to Esk and beyond. Finally working at the Ipswich Show and Rosewood Show have been highlights. I am looking forward to entertaining again in 2019!