Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos Playgroup and live streaming videos are here! What a year 2020 has been! Coronavirus arrived. We have had to do things a lot differently. Firstly our work, rest and play has been affected. Secondly many people have become sick. Thirdly people have died, including my grandfather in Italy.

Indeed social distancing is now very important. Equally essential is washing hands and keeping surfaces clean! We’ve been staying at home more. As a result, online shopping has soared. In addition, we’ve been home schooling and working from home. Sadly many people have lost their jobs. Then all sports stopped! Furthermore, we saw hoarding of toilet paper and other items. The amount of time we travel about has decreased. Consequently the air has been cleaner.

COVID19 means Playgroup at Home – Live Streaming Videos!

Unfortunately weddings have been postponed. Also many events and festivals cancelled. Meanwhile there were changes to funerals. No more birthday party gatherings. As a result, we’ve seen drive by birthday visits instead. This has been a big world wide pandemic! As a consequence, governments have changed many rules. Monetary assistance for so many. Just like job seeker and job keeper payments.

Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos

Congratulations to Australia so far! We have been asked to download the COVIDSafe App. Everyone has followed important advice. Indeed we have flattened the curve! We need to keep the best healthy habits to remain safe. Cool 4 Kids will start recording their fifth children’s CD called ‘Let’s Stay Healthy’. Songs will include ‘Wash Our Hands’ and ‘Rub the Soap In‘. Along with ‘What Can You Do If You’re Stuck Inside?’ Additionally ‘Cover Your Mouth’ and ‘Keep Your Distance’. All songs focus on educating children about the coronavirus.

During this time we have seen more live streaming. Zoom video conferencing is now very important. Almost all of my children’s entertainment work has ceased for now. Fortunately, Playgroup SA has been innovative from the start. They have daily online segments for young families. It is called ‘Playgroup at Home SA‘. Story reading, singing and movement activities. Lots of different themes. Help for parents, grandparents and carers. Quality content teachers can use too. Tuesday’s with Tony began with THIS SEGMENT. There was a Spanish and Easter Theme with Belinda Martinez.

Live Streaming with Playgroup SA and Marion Cultural Centre!

Dani Jerkic brought her young children in for two segments. One was about Teddy Bears and another about School. Following this, a session about the Garden. You can watch another about Animals

Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos

Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos

The City of Marion was quick off the mark too! The Marion Cultural Centre hosted ‘The Show Must Go On‘. Bringing online performances and classes to the community. VIEW OUR CONCERT HERE!. Tony Genovese has written many new and original songs. He and Isabella Penna sang them on stage. New songs were featured including ‘What can you do when you’re stuck inside’ and Wash Our Hands‘.

Cool Bear was there! Afterwards Cheeky Chicken showed up. There was lots of puppetry and dress up fun! Furthermore we played different musical instruments. Colourful scarves were featured too.

Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos

Pulse band were also involved. On Friday the 8th of May it was the Desirables Duo. A special show with popular songs from yesteryear. Featuring Tony Genovese and Dani Jerkic. Dame Shirley Bassey opened the Show. Next came Neil Diamond and his live guitar. Songs from the past that everyone could singalong to. The Mowtown Era and Australian music. Special songs for Mother’s Day included ‘That’s Amore‘ and ‘Love Is In The Air’. WATCH THE CONCERT HERE!

Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos

Entertaining Events has brought parties into lounge rooms.

They are called ‘Top Twenty Countdowns.’ To start there was a 70’s themed night. Tony from Pulse band was involved in artist segments. Firstly as Don McLean. Next, dressing up as Freddy Mercury from Queen. Finally a tribute to the Village People. Following this an 80’s party was held! Tony dressed up as Devo first. After this he saluted Men At Work’s hit song ‘Down Under’. Later, a performance of ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell. Keep an eye out for the next 90’s themed event.

Stay Home! Enjoy the Playgroup and Live Streaming Videos!

I hope you are all doing the very best you can. Second, remain positive. Let’s do the right thing. We will come out of this a lot wiser. To conclude, keep up the good work and stay safe everyone!